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When you consider household heating systems you should differentiate between your household heating requirements and your domestic hot water (DHW) requirement. Whilst heating the property is often left to the trusty old radiator (or more recently to Under Floor Heating) there are different ways to provide domestic hot water.

It is possible to mix and match as it were the different systems to some degree. For example, you could have a gravity hot water system which is open vented coupled with a sealed radiator system, or a fully open vented system where hot water and radiator circuit are both vented (albeit separately).

This guide is intended to take a little of the mystery out of heating systems and help you to understand your options.

Three main types of household heating and water systems include:

Conventional open vented system (including gravity fed open vented hot water / Radiator system, or vented hot water system with sealed primary and radiator circuit.

Combination Boiler System (Hot water on demand with sealed radiator circuit - no cylinder or F&E tank required)

Mains Pressure (unvented) Hot Water System - accompanied by either sealed or open vented radiator circuit.

Fully vented / Gravity Fed System

Combination Boilers

Mains or High Pressure Systems

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